Finding Time.

I have been hearing a lot recently that we are struggling to find time for yourself and exercise.

These are the kinds of things that are all-so-common in our everyday lives.

Finding time for yourself and exercise
  • “I don’t have any time for myself”
  • “I don’t have time to exercise”
  • “I don’t have time for anything… I’m too busy.”

So what do we do with the 16-or-so hours that we are awake each day? How do we find time for yourself and exercise?

I know for me the days/week past and I stop and think what have I done and achieved?

I have just set myself a challenge to note down what I do every 1hr. To see where my day goes. Where I am productive and could be more productive.

I am SCARED what is going to show up. Do I spend too much time on Facebook and Instagram?
But I am also looking forward to hopefully finding more time in the days/week. Which I can use for time for myself or be more productive throughout my time.

So how can you find more time?

These are my tips to find more time!

  1. Ask for help! You don’t need to do everything yourself. Get your flatmate, husband, partner, even kids to help with the daily home tasks. One of my kids is being super helpful and wanting to do lots of chores so she can get some pocket money.

  2. Plan your week/days. Know what you are aiming to do each day. Plan your week. Know what appointments, meetings after school activities etc you have and must attend. Where do you have time to get stuff done? Can you do things whilst waiting in the car for your kids to finish an activity, can you do something while waiting to be seen at an appointment.

    The end of the day look at what you have done that day, do you need to carry a task over for tomorrow, what do you have on tomorrow. Do you have everything you need to complete this task?
  1. Set a time limit on certain tasks. Give yourself time to do tasks and don’t get distracted and start other things when in the middle of a task. Keep focus. Don’t get distracted by an online sale. Haha

    Try and complete tasks which you know won’t take you long to complete or if you have a task which is important and needs to be completed get it done first, prioritise!
  1. Give yourself some breaks. Don’t try and do everything without taking time to recharge. Sitting at a computer for hours and hours is not going to get tasks done. When you get tired your mind starts wondering and you get distracted easier. Set an alarm on your computer, get up, take a walk, stretch, go to the toilet, have a drink, if you can get 2 minutes of fresh air.

  2. Set time away from the phone. Set to sleep or do not disturb. I am doing this right now. I caught myself writing this blog, then I realised I had stopped and was on my phone checking Facebook. Why??

    I think we are so addicted to our phones it is hard to not be scrolling on them. But to get the work done, I feel they need to be away. So we are 100% focussed on the job at hand. Not wondering what everyone else is doing.

Don’t lose track of time. Life is too short. Make time for yourself and do something for yourself. For more inspiration to get you back on track, you can look through the other posts in our blog.