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- vision -

We want women to feel comfortable exercising by providing a fun and supportive community, encouraging a healthy lifestyle


- mission -

We make women the strongest and fittest they can be by offering a service for real women at any fitness level to take part. Turning up to our outdoor classes not only helps women's physical health, but also their mental health. We take the fuss out of attending our classes by offering free creche, no pressure customised exercises and a welcoming community.


- Values -

All women are welcome. Turning up to a class is an achievement to be celebrated and we are a supportive and caring community where we like to have fun while exercising.

Why Us

We will support and inspire you to embrace and work with the body you have at any given moment in your life

all about the individual

Don't feel intimidated or overwhelmed about how to start your health and fitness journey - we provide training on what works for you leaving you feeling energised and proud.

Flexible training options

Train when it suits you, mornings or evenings, using our online 24-hour booking system. You can book, change or cancel your class quickly and easily.

Group or personal training

Choose what suits you, start with Personal Training and then move into Group Classes or do a combination of both, we can design a membership just for you.

Free Creche

We provide a Free Creche service during our 9:15 am classes plus Children are welcome at any of our classes.

Reduce pain

In pain? Have ongoing medical issues or are injured? We can help you regain your health and mobility. Get in touch to find out how.


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How to Tell You’re Getting Fitter and Healthier

It’s challenging to start and sustain an active fitness routine, so it’s only natural for us to expect to reap the fruits of our labour. But sometimes, it might seem like progress and results aren’t as immediate and as obvious as we hoped for—especially when progress to us is seeing a lower number on the…


Exercises You Can Do to Improve Sleep

We know many different aspects of our health benefit from active fitness. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of diseases, strengthen our bones and muscles, help manage our weight, boost our mood, and even improve our sleep. Yes, we can get better shut-eye with as little as ten minutes of moderate exercise daily. Moderate-to-vigorous exercise…


3 Exercises That Can Also Help Us Boost Our Mental Health

Living in a very fast-paced world makes us all prone to dwindling mental health – even more so for us women, with so many things around us that can easily dampen our moods. From body issues to societal standards, we deal with a lot of things on a daily basis. There are different ways to…


The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Do you like to exercise? Some might find it intimidating, and it’s quite understandable. A lot of online content centres on transformative results achieved through different means that seem challenging to do, but here at our You Can Do Fit community, we make sure that exercising is something you’d find enjoyable. Whether it’s your first…


Benefits of a supportive community: an often overlooked element of success

Society’s reevaluation of what is truly important has paved the way for the rise of self-help and motivational reading materials, be it in books, studies, or online articles. One common factor of these readings is how we should all start with our WHY, our reason to take that first step and venture towards a new…


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