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Are you looking for that place where you will fit in, be accepted, supported and inspired in a community child-friendly environment?

We are a Women's only facility and provide an environment for you that is flexible, supportive and friendly, making it easy for you to be inspired to take part in our classes or personal training sessions.

We embrace and accept you, as you are, and hope to inspire you not to feel overwhelmed or to be confused about how to start your health and fitness journey - we provide training based on what works for you and not the latest trend. After all, health is not a 4, 8 or 12-week challenge, it is not going home so exhausted that you cannot bear the thought of going again, it is not something you have to do 7 days per week.

It is how we respect ourselves, how we live life every day, how we feel and how we age and if we are mums we have the added responsibility of how we teach our children to live life by following our example. (No wonder we feel the pressure at times).

What is your excuse? Too busy looking after others and not yourself, over committing then not being able to follow through, not knowing where to start so you don't bother starting, conflicting information that overwhelms you, unable to find the right time or place to suit your needs, not able to prioritise yourself over the special others in your life such as your children, family and friends.

Are you ready to get rid of your excuses once and for all in a way that uniquely suits you, no gimmicks, and no confusing information? We do the planning with you and help you make small changes as you are ready, helping you build the life you dream of and discovering YOU!

We provide a supportive, welcoming community where women feel comfortable exercising. We strive to meet every individual’s needs, supporting clients to be the strongest and fittest they can be, whilst encouraging them to listen to their bodies.

Innaloo Personal Fitness

Owner / Personal Trainer


Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
Senior First Aid
Pre and Post Natal Exercise
SVQ III in child care and Education
SVQ IV in Child care and Education
Accredited Rehab Trainer

I would just like to do a quick introduction of myself to you all. I moved to Australia in 2009 from Scotland with my husband. We now have two beautiful girls and we are enjoying life here in Australia. I found You Can Do FIT and returned to exercise as a client and then started to help out with the crèche. Kylie and Leanne both spoke to me about doing my qualifications in fitness, which got me thinking about what I wanted to do when my girls became the age to go to school.

For me, fitness is a great way of making me feel good about myself and everything else in my life. I know how hard it is to go out and train when you have had little sleep and you know that there are so many other things you could/should be doing. But taking that time, and giving yourself that 45 minutes to exercise and take care of yourself, gives you a clear head and makes you feel good and ready to tackle the days challenges.

I feel that I was very hard on myself and lacked a lot of confidence with regards to my personal fitness. When speaking to people, I realised that everyone was feeling the same. I love the environment we have created at You Can Do FIT, one where woman feel comfortable to attend and complete a workout no matter what their fitness level. I would love for women to make friends and for their children to make friends like I have done through attending You Can Do FIT.



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