Finding Time.

By Morag Roarty | August 22, 2021 | Comments Off on Finding Time.

I have been hearing a lot recently that we are struggling to find time for yourself and exercise. These are the kinds of things that are all-so-common in our everyday lives. “I don’t have any time for myself”“I don’t have time to exercise”“I don’t have time for anything… I’m too busy.” So what do we…

Buy 1, Feel Good Offer.

By Morag Roarty | August 1, 2021 | Comments Off on Buy 1, Feel Good Offer.

I know that it can be hard to find the motivation to attend exercise classes at this time of year and I know that if you are attending with a friend it makes it easier.  In the spirit of National Friendship Day, if you purchase the Feel Good Offer a friend can come along for…

Living Life on the Edge.

By Morag Roarty | July 20, 2021 | Comments Off on Living Life on the Edge.

I have been chatting to people in the community and I am getting the feeling that a lot of us are very uneasy and living life on the edge at the moment. I understand why people are feeling like this, as I am feeling the same. I am struggling to know what to offer with…

​The 3 key ingredients for a Balanced life!

By Morag Roarty | May 7, 2018 | Comments Off on ​The 3 key ingredients for a Balanced life!

What do you think of when Balance is mentioned, is it the food you eat, physical or a balanced approach to your life in general? All 3 are equally important. As we age we lose our physical ability to balance which can lead to falls and injuries. A balanced diet is important for overall health, however with…

Your Personal Health Revolution

By Morag Roarty | February 26, 2018 | Comments Off on Your Personal Health Revolution

We are on a mission to transform the Health of every individual. Our bodies have an in-built code that tells us how we can eat, live, love, work and play in order to thrive. Everyone can now know what is right for them to be happy, healthy and avoid disease! Please join us and help…

Reminders To Practice Self-Love

By Morag Roarty | February 17, 2018 | Comments Off on Reminders To Practice Self-Love

The journey of life is one of learning self-love. Each and every day, we are presented with endless opportunities to practice this beautiful act of reverence toward ourselves. The ability to love ourselves, without condition, is a gift bestowed upon all of us, if we are willing to listen, love, and learn. Here are 10…

Epigenetics and Your Future Health

By Morag Roarty | February 7, 2018 | Comments Off on Epigenetics and Your Future Health

What if you could control the fate of your future health? What if you could alter the hard wiring of your genetic expression with your behavior and surroundings? Matt Reimann, CEO of shows us the exciting new field of epigenetics in this TEDx talk. We believe that every person has the ability to Be Healthy –…

Getting Started on YOU!

By Morag Roarty | February 2, 2018 | Comments Off on Getting Started on YOU!

Get started on a health plan based on your genetics. That’s right – a plan that is specific to your bodies needs.  You will be super surprised at how natural it feels for your body when you eat the right foods and do the right exercises at the right time of day for you. It’s really…

Personalised Weight Loss Exercise Program

By Morag Roarty | December 5, 2017 | Comments Off on Personalised Weight Loss Exercise Program

Its more than Weight Loss and Exercise. Would you like to discover the magic formula designed uniquely for you? That takes away the guess work and indecision surrounding what to eat and the type of exercise that is best for you?

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