I absolutely love You Can Do Fit! I love to exercise but have never felt comfortable joining a gym before. You Can Do Fit is the perfect balance. It is outdoors (but under cover from the elements) so you get fresh air, and you get to work out with a friendly group of women and wonderful trainers. There is a great range of classes and the creche makes it so easy to attend with kids.


A very welcoming environment. All levels of fitness are catered for. Morag provides encouragement and support to each class member. Even though the classes are designed for a group, each exercise is personalised and fun.


I joined You Can Do Fit 2 years ago now and I'm so glad I found it. I've never liked gyms with the music, smell, mirrors and vanity. You Can Do Fit offers a variety of classes and I've never had the same session twice. The trainers are fantastic at making the classes interesting and relevant. They will modify any exercise to suit your needs/injuries. They plan their sessions very well to give you a great variety of movements and a mix of cardio, resistance and weight training. The free creche is awesome, as it's not in a small stifled room, but right outside close by to you so you can see your child (if you want to!) and they are being well cared for by a lovely mum. The location itself is a great benefit as it provides undercover from all sorts of weather but still being outdoors in the fresh air...and there are less excuses to not going during bad weather. You Can Do Fit has a great community feel, with everyone encouraging each other and getting along while getting fit. What are you waiting for? Come on down & join us!


I have never trained with a group as welcoming and friendly as You Can Do Fit. The trainers get to know everyone in their classes, including their abilities and any injuries. They’re supportive and friendly, but know when to challenge us to lift more, go faster or work harder, based on our individual abilities. Classes are full of women of all ages and abilities supporting each other while having a laugh. I can’t recommend Morag and YCDF enough.


I joined You Can Do FIT this year and have been overwhelmed by the friendship I have made and the care and training I have received. It doesn't feel like a chore but something I look forward to. As a mum with young children, being able to bring the children along with FREE babysitting is sensational and such an incentive to join! Well done Morag and team.


I joined You can do fit a couple of years ago and it was the best decision I'd ever made. I don't like gyms and I was a little unsure to begin with, as I was not the fittest and wasn't sure what to expect but that didn't matter, you do what you can do and Morag and all the trainers are there to help and support you.

The members are great, you don't feel judged, you can have a laugh and actually enjoy working out. I started out doing 2 classes a week and gradually increased my classes as my fitness increased. There is a class for everyone and everyone's fitness level. I would recommend giving You can do FIT a go, great range of memberships and I'm sure you will love it as much as I do.


I've been a client of YCDF for a while now and I still enjoy classes and feel my fitness and strength improving as much as I did when I first started. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to return to getting fit or are just thinking about starting their fitness journey, to give it a try. A fun, welcoming, motivating non-judgemental environment plus you can bring your kids with you 🙂


I've started training with You Can Do Fit 7 years ago. I was originally attracted by the diverse range of classes and environment welcoming of kids. I've since formed close bonds with other clients and the staff. Anyone of any fitness level or age will find the support they need to achieve their fitness goals, whether it's just starting out, prenatal or more advanced. Highly recommended! Morag is very approachable and will easily adapt any workout for you.


An amazing supportive group with variety to every session. Trainers are knowledgeable, adaptable to your fitness level and welcoming. So glad I found this group, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been!


All the trainers are so welcoming. they adjust workouts to suit my fitness level and any injuries I have. I actually enjoy doing exercise.