Free Creche Facility

fitness free crecheWe offer a Free creche at our 9.15 am classes, where there will be a staff member there to look after your children.

Children are welcome to all the classes, however, there will be no one there to watch them.

We ask that children are booked in via Mindbody so we know how many to expect. The children are outside alongside the class, where they can enjoy the fresh air just like mum. If your child/children are unsure about leaving you whilst you work out or need that reassurance they are more than welcome to come for a cuddle or sit beside you whilst you work out (As long as it is safe to do so).

If you need 45 min to exercise with time to yourself, we would like to give you that time to you, so please also let us know. We ask on the first few occasions using the creche that you come a few minutes earlier to help settle your child into the creche. Please feel free to bring a snack for them. It seems to work the mum’s workout and the kids eat. Please bring babies in prams.

You don't need to feel guilty about having 45min to workout as all the children will have fun and won't want to leave.


Instead of being depressed about how cold it is, sitting in the house under the blanket, drinking tea and eating biscuits.

Let's get your body moving and get the blood moving around your body.


*16 x Group Classes over 4 weeks - choose from over 18 classes/week
* Online and pre-recorded classes
* Personalised induction
* Workout with like-minded women
Take advantage of this great offer to kick-start/re-start your fitness journey and get you into a great routine

All for just $140 / 4 weeks