Personal Training sessions are the ultimate way of achieving the results you desire, how much value do you place on your well-being?

You will receive ongoing support with your goal whether that be weight loss, getting started, staying focused, mobility, nutrition, pain and or injury management or returning to training after an illness we provide: food plans, goal setting, massage, whole body vibration, exercise programming and 24/7 support via email, phone or text.

Woman lifting weights with her trainer


Instead of being depressed about how cold it is, sitting in the house under the blanket, drinking tea and eating biscuits.

Let's get your body moving and get the blood moving around your body.


*16 x Group Classes over 4 weeks - choose from over 18 classes/week
* Online and pre-recorded classes
* Personalised induction
* Workout with like-minded women
Take advantage of this great offer to kick-start/re-start your fitness journey and get you into a great routine

All for just $140 / 4 weeks