The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Do you like to exercise? Some might find it intimidating, and it’s quite understandable. A lot of online content centres on transformative results achieved through different means that seem challenging to do, but here at our You Can Do Fit community, we make sure that exercising is something you’d find enjoyable. Whether it’s your first time or your first time in a long while, we can also help you feel less intimidated by the idea of finally setting some fitness goals.

There are many ways you can do it – you can go for a walk, do yoga, or hit the pool – here’s something to consider: for many people, exercising outdoors is more beneficial than exercising inside.

Here are some of the benefits of exercising outdoors:

It makes exercising more fun

The fresh air, sunshine, and trees make for an energising experience that can’t be matched by a treadmill or other indoor workout option. You’ll also get the benefits of healthy exposure to the sun’s rays. The sun provides Vitamin D and boosts your immune system, which is why it’s so important to go outdoors and have your skin exposed to direct sunlight.

It keeps you away from distractions at home.

When you exercise outdoors, you also avoid the heat and humidity of your house/apartment. It also means some time off away from other people in your household or other things that can be distracting when you’re working out. Lesser interruptions in your exercise routine and turning it into something more fun can make it easier to devote time to your workout session.

It gives you more energy.

Women exercising outdoors

-Exercising outside gives you access to fresh air and nature. This makes you feel more energised during your workout and helps prevent muscle injury by giving your body a chance to stretch and move in ways it wouldn’t otherwise be able to do indoors (like running on a treadmill).

It gives you an opportunity to meet awesome people and form new friendships

-Practising an active lifestyle outdoors gives you the freedom to enjoy open spaces that provide opportunities for social interaction with other people (or even cute pets!) This can help build significant relationships that can help you reach your fitness goals, among other things. Who knows? You might find more things in common that can potentially create new bonds beyond exercising. 

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We’re sharing all these because you can have it all with us here at You Can Do Fit, especially if you’re around Innaloo! Enjoy outdoor training and fitness classes near you that’s also a safe space for women. Get to meet new friends while achieving your fitness goals through fun Bootcamp exercises that are absolutely friendly for beginners. We make it a point that your fitness journey is something that you can commit to. 

Join us through personal training and group training! To the mums out there, we also provide a free creche so that your little ones can have fun while you take a step closer to a healthier lifestyle. 

It’s never too late to take that first step. We’re looking forward to having you here!