Personalised Weight Loss Exercise Program

It’s more than Weight Loss and Exercise

Would you like to discover the magic formula designed uniquely for you? That takes away the guess work and indecision surrounding what to eat and the type of exercise that is best for you? That is holistic and covers all aspects of your life. The places that support your mind and body. Your best social settings and the ones to avoid? Learn about your natural talents that will allow you to excel at what you do?

If your answer is yes, then take a look at The program involves testing over 10,000 points that results in discovering your Genetic Health Type. You will then have access to information based on your results that is unique to you. You have the ability to retest as often as you like. As you change the information changes. If you move interstate or overseas update your information and the program will apply any recommended changes.

Weight Loss Exercise made for you

Based on Genetics and using the latest research in Epigenetics provides a program unique to you. Epigenetics is the ability to change your Genetic outcomes – meaning the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.

Everything from the environment, the type of exercise you do, the foods you eat and the places you go affect your health either for the better or worse.

An article written by Kylie Andrews for Science Friction,  Epigenetics: how your life could change the cells of your grandkids , provides valuable insight on Epigenetics. The quote I like from the article is “Making music with your DNA. If your DNA is the unique ‘song of you’, your epigenomes are the audio engineers that decide how that music will be played. Which bits are loud, or edited out, whether the melody is dominant or maybe the drums are lost altogether.” We have the ability to change our Song!

Check out your Food, Exercise, Talents, Social, Places and Mind have developed a 3 minute Health Type Test that is 80% accurate. Take the test to discover the potential of the program. You will recieve a 16 page report with an overview of your potential Health Type.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment to take the full test, which is 100% accurate.