3 Simple Ways to Start Your Mindfulness Journey to Improve Your Health Holistically

Mindfulness is all the rage these days and while it seems like a very new concept, it’s actually been around for quite a while. There’s a good reason why mindfulness has become so popular in recent years – science has proven again and again that practising mindfulness can have numerous benefits for both our health and happiness. Still, admittedly it can be pretty overwhelming to figure out how to catch our thoughts as it wanders to mental places they shouldn’t be. 

Here at You Can Do Fit, we believe in simplicity and how the best and most effective way to start anything is to acknowledge our own capabilities. If you’re on the fence about how to be mindful of your thoughts, words, actions, and environment, here are five simple ways that can help you out.

Keep a journal

Keeping a journal or journaling is a great way to silently reflect on the day’s events and help you grow as a person. Don’t worry about making it fancy and appealing – all you have to do is write whatever you want! Keep track of what helps you stay calm during stressful times by writing down the activities or ideas that worked best for that particular situation. Acknowledge your feelings, both the good and bad, and see how those simple acts of mindfulness can change the course of your daily habits.

Look forward to the future but also live in the moment

“Now is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present,” is such a powerful statement to keep in mind, especially when things feel like they’re getting out of hand. Practise the attitude of gratitude and be thankful for even the most minor things that happen every day. How you speak to yourself and see the world around you makes a tremendous difference in how your daily life unfolds. These small gestures will soon lead you to achieve your goals. 

Surround yourself with people who share the same goals

The people you surround yourself with play an integral role in how things can unfold for you. Be with those who are kind and gentle but firm enough to help you live a better life, even through small yet effective ways. Be with those who are there to support you as you go through your journey and succeed in your personal endeavours.

We believe in these small yet impactful steps here at You Can Do Fit, so we provide a fitness program that goes beyond doing outdoor training and exercises. With us, you will find a loving community that can help you grow and learn new things everyday and we promote a safe space especially for women. We know how intimidating it can be to go to the gym and take that first step towards your fitness goals.

You Can Do Fit is a women-only outdoor “gym” and community that helps women have a more active lifestyle. We take care of you by providing free creche so that you can work out without worrying about your children. We acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses so that your active fitness journey will support you and not intimidate you. With us, you can find a great support group who will be there with you in your health journey’s physical and mental sense. 

Enjoy our outdoor fitness classes, gain new friends, and practise mindfulness for a better and brighter way of life!

How do you practise mindfulness every day?