​The 3 key ingredients for a Balanced life!

What do you think of when Balance is mentioned, is it the food you eat, physical or a balanced approach to your life in general? All 3 are equally important.

As we age we lose our physical ability to balance which can lead to falls and injuries. A balanced diet is important for overall health, however with so many choices how do we know what is best for us? A work/life balance is essential for the quality of life, in today’s busy non-stop world it is proving increasingly difficult.

For the Physical, you can add simple exercises into your day, such as standing on one leg while brushing your teeth or doing the dishes.

To look after your food and eat a balanced diet, is becoming more difficult to work out. There are so many fad diets available and superfoods, plus endless information and research on why you should eat fruit, why you should not eat fruit. Eat a diet high in fats. Eat no carbs, oh hold on you need carbs. Take this pill, now add this one to counteract that one – you get the picture. Most of us throw our hands up in the air and give up, becoming completely overwhelmed or we flick from the latest craze to the next latest craze, never giving anything the time it deserves to actually
see if it works.

As for the good old Balanced Life, well it seems that some people thrive on being busy and deadlines and challenges and that some us just are plain tired and exhausted from trying to keep up.

Over the next month, we will be posting some tips and tricks on how to improve the physical balance that you can easily add into your day to day lives.

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