How to Achieve Your Goals in a Holistic and Realistic Way

There are so many pressures in this world. We’re constantly bombarded with content that tells us, “by age X, we should be this and that” and while it aims to be aspirational, it can also be a source of self-doubt. It can be a double-edged sword that can make us go, “Great! I’ll do my best to achieve that!” or “Oh no, that seems impossible.” 

In the clutter of oversaturated inspirational stories and content online, we tend to forget one simple thing: the best step to take is one step forward, one step at a time. Our journeys cannot start without that, and if we take that one step forward, one step at a time, we’ll soon realise that we’re progressing in our respective paths. 

That is precisely why routine is so important. We’re often blinded by the glamour of success and end goals that we tend to disregard all the necessary ups and downs to get us there. If you’re looking for a sign, these three reasons may just be it.

Routine Creates Consistency

End-goals, especially big ones, can be quite intimidating. We’re not discounting the fact that these goals can fuel us, but are aspirations enough to get us going on those days when things get tough? Don’t worry. We can still honour how we’re not at our best state while still working on our goals simultaneously. Small progress is so much better than none at all, so on those days when the going gets tough, let’s be the tough that gets going – even if it doesn’t meet the usual set of standards we’ve set for ourselves.

On a personal note, doing simple physical activities can do wonders to clear the mind. Whether you’re aiming to be more active in fitness or simply going for a leisurely stroll, take a moment to enjoy the great outdoors.

Consistency Creates Habit

Consistency helps in reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed. Slowly but surely, things become a habit for us through routine, and it becomes our second nature. We can strive to have that healthy lifestyle and be more fit women and men. We can create big things we’ve always wanted to create. We can be the best version of ourselves and achieve our goals. These small steps turn into big leaps, and as we create new habits that help us achieve the goals we aspire for, eventually, we’ll come to realise that we’re no longer where we started. It may seem like a long journey ahead, but it’s also nice to acknowledge that our habits have taken us far.

Habit Creates Lifestyle

The habits we’ve built eventually become a part of us and our daily lives. That first step that we took to build consistency can already fuel us to keep walking – or running, even. What seemed challenging at the start of the journey is now our second nature as we continue moving forward to create more goals, build new habits, and amplify our lifestyles. Now, we’re building our lives in the best way we know how: by sticking to our routine, being consistent, and creating realistic habits that could lead us to our desired destination.

Key Takeaway