Benefits of a supportive community: an often overlooked element of success

Society’s reevaluation of what is truly important has paved the way for the rise of self-help and motivational reading materials, be it in books, studies, or online articles. One common factor of these readings is how we should all start with our WHY, our reason to take that first step and venture towards a new goal or the great unknown, but there is one thing that’s often overlooked – the value of those around us. Who do we constantly interact with? What kinds of values do these people have? How can they affect our personal mindsets?

Though hyper-independence is often glamourised, we must also remember that people are social beings. We need others to help us grow as individuals, just as we also help others grow through our own little (or big!) efforts. 

That said, here are some benefits of being in and having a supportive community.

It allows us to gain new perspectives that are aligned with our goals

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we tend to have certain biases regarding how we want things done for us to achieve our goals. Sometimes, we fail to acknowledge that there are other ways toward the same destination. 

Engaging in an active and supportive community enables us to have different journeys towards the same goal, which allows us to gain fresher perspectives without compromising what we want to achieve. Our supportive community educates us about new thinking, different approaches, and new concepts that can help us in our overall growth. These learnings can also serve as key points for other goals we may have in life.

The sense of belonging becomes much stronger

Aiming towards goals, whether big or small, can be daunting if we’re doing it on our own. Some battles are not meant to be fought solo, which is why getting involved in a supportive community is beneficial for ourselves and others. We find strength in their stories of successes, and by sharing ours, they can find strength in us. It’s always a good idea to have a shoulder to cry on or, at least, a listening ear for when we need it. It’s also very fulfilling to serve the same purpose for those in need. 

Motivation and support go a long way in achieving what we want to achieve

As mentioned, some battles are hard to fight on our own. Support and motivation come in different forms – it can be through actual actions or gestures intended to help out, it can be a random message in the middle of the day that says, “Good luck! You can do it!”, or it can simply be just witnessing others succeed in their journeys which can also motivate us to persevere with ours. When you’re in a supportive group centred on respect and empowerment, the success of others can be inspiring instead of intimidating. It can motivate us to take the first step and continue pushing for the goals we’ve set for ourselves. 

These are the exact principles that fuel You Can Do Fit. We believe that everyone’s fitness journey is different, but at the same time, we also know that the road to a more active lifestyle is more fun when done with like-minded people. This is why we provide a safe space for women and outdoor group fitness sessions that encourage small steps toward big fitness goals. Oh, and don’t worry about the definition of “big fitness goals” in the context. It can totally be anything up to you! 

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Engaging in a group fitness training session can hopefully inspire you to continue having that lifestyle change you’ve always wanted. We’re here to make the experience fun and meaningful for you.