Living Life on the Edge.

I have been chatting to people in the community and I am getting the feeling that a lot of us are very uneasy and living life on the edge at the moment.

I understand why people are feeling like this, as I am feeling the same. I am struggling to know what to offer with the business and the girls dancing competitions have been cancelled. When we plan something for the future it has to change last minute.

The last snap lockdown got to me. I didn’t know what direction to head in and I kept thinking this has to be it, we can’t keep being lucky. But we are.

I am so happy that we have been lucky every time. I have changed my mindset and tried to put some strategies in place which I know can always be a constant in my life, no matter what.
It got me thinking about my business and what we can offer to everyone and that we can be a constant in everyone lives.

How can we be a constant in your lives?

  • We are so lucky to be outdoors and able to run classes a lot quicker than other facilities.
  • We will always provide a service to a high standard. If we have to, we are straight online with no classes missed.
  • Recordings and the session plans are posted on the group every day.
  • We will always have the opportunity to have a chat at the beginning or at the end of a session, to help support and keep the community-feel of You can do FIT.
  • I am only a phone call or message away. I will always check in and keep in touch with everyone. (I love a good chat)
  • All clients know each other and ask after each other all the time.
  • You will always be greeted with a smile and asked how are you.
  • I know and understand that online is not for everyone, but I will always try and encourage clients to try and do exercise for themselves every day. Get out in the fresh air.
  • We are women, and we all understand each other and the challenges we have to face every day.  There is no judgement and we all celebrate each other’s wins. It could be as simple as managing to go to the toilet in peace.

If you would like more consistency in your daily life and would like a catch-up, please feel free to get in touch using our contact form below.