Realistic Challenges

Last month we started our You Can Do Fit Challenge!

I don’t know about you but as soon as I hear the word ‘Challenge’ I slightly cringe inside. I mean, if something’s challenging, it’s going to be hard, right?

But … when I heard the details of this particular challenge, I thought it was great! The main reason being is because Morag has set a realistic, achievable goal for everyone!

So how are you going with it?

Are you making it to two classes per week?

That’s it. Two. Classes. 

Two classes per week is a fantastic way to schedule in time for yourself, especially at such a busy time of year. Think of it as your regrouping time, time to destress a little. Two classes are really achievable to attend, especially with the many different session times available. Maybe you could try an opposite time to when you would usually attend – maybe a 6 am class? Or a 6 pm class? It will change up your week and you might be surprised to find that it suits you really well. It’s also a chance to meet some of our other lovely members. The little shakeup in routine can be really rewarding!

It’s also going to help create a consistent routine for exercise which you’ll be able to keep up over the xmas season, school holidays & summer!

If you’re already doing this – AWESOME!! Now it’s time to look at another goal, it may be nutrition, getting more quality sleep or drinking more water.

This is my current goal – to increase my daily water intake. It’s a small goal but one I feel I personally need to work on. I’m starting small (this is where all big changes begin). I’m NOT going to drink 2L a day because that’s too big of a jump for me at the moment. When you want to make a change to your lifestyle and create a new habit, you have to start small. So, my goal is to drink 500ml, which is only two cups, per day – CONSISTENTLY – for four weeks.

You may read that and think ‘pffft, that’s not enough water’ or ‘four weeks! that’s a long time!’

But … I know that if I create this habit – completing this small, easily achievable goal every single day – by the time four weeks rolls around, I’ll be doing it with my eyes closed. I won’t even be thinking about drinking those two cups of water, it’ll come automatically. I’ve diarized my four-week goal date and I’m then going to assess where I’m at and set the next small goal until I build my way up to 2L a day! Easy! It might take a year! Who cares? There is no time limit on working on our health and wellbeing.

This strategy can be used with all of our own personal goals. The keys to creating change and new habits are:

  1. Setting small, achievable goals and 
  2. Consistency. 

Our YCDF challenge has two weeks to go and it’s not too late to start! Look at your schedule, set your goal – choose only ONE goal, don’t make it overwhelming by trying to change everything all at once – write it down and make a commitment that you will do this for yourself! 

We can’t wait to see everyone’s happy, smiling faces! We love our You Can Do Fit community!